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Why Use our Ghostwriter Services?

Using a professional, experienced ghostwriter can increase your chances of finding a literary agent and of getting published. This can be reassuring when you don’t have the time, patience or writing skills to gamble on such an unpredictable project yourself.

Saving Time

The majority of people who need ghostwriters will be busy, hard working celebrities or business people. For these individuals, time means money. Putting their (limited) time at stake as well as their money is never advisable.

With extensive experience of producing quality manuscripts within a reasonable deadline, our writers can save you a lot of time. Whilst we write you a captivating, readable book within several months, you can continue to go about your busy life. Hiring a ghostwriter is an investment in both time and money – we’ll get it done twice as fast, halving the sacrifices you make.

Promoting your Brand

Hiring a ghostwriter won’t make your piece any less personal or representative of your personality, brand or business. Releasing a book can actually be a great form of brand management. Ghostwriters possess the skills and know-how when it comes to formulating and imitating their clients’ style in order to capture the personality or ethos of a person or brand.

What’s more, these are your ideas and life stories; we are just here to help stimulate the ideas that are in your head but not yet on paper. Once we get them down, we can put them in a logical order that reads well and reflects your interests and desires regarding the outcome of the book. For an untrained writer, this can be a lengthy and frustrating exercise, especially when success isn’t guaranteed.

Finding a Literary Agent

Once the book is completed, and especially if it has the potential to pull in big profits, it can be useful to use a literary agent to present the book to potential publishers. We know a number of literary agents and can let you know which ones deal with the category of book we have written for you. Literary agents are a great way to put your work in front of a publisher as they have many valuable contacts in the literary world. Once again, you can increase your chances of finding a literary agent to read and promote your work if that work is well written and engaging.

There are hundreds of books that are overlooked by agents and editors each year and it can be a difficult and convoluted network to stand out in. That is why, if your book is written by a reputable writer, you will have more chance of finding a literary agent in the first place. By using one of our ghostwriters, you will not only be put in contact with the literary agents we know but, as published writers, we can use all our existing knowledge about how to turn the heads of literary agents. Once you have a literary agent on board, you just have to conquer the publisher.

Getting Published

Pitching a book to publishers is probably the hardest and most precarious part of the process. Literary agents will find it much easier to promote books written by experienced professionals like ourselves who have written published books for countless celebrities, public figures and business executives.

Hiring a ghostwriter to produce a manuscript will increase your chances of getting published, which of course means more money for the literary agent as well as for the client. We can also help you find a book publisher that will be attracted to the style and topic of the book, meaning you won’t waste time asking the wrong people.

How Does a Ghostwriter Work with a Literary Agent?

Literary agents love working with ghostwriters because they can make their job a lot easier. All our writers are experienced, professional and published so we can work to deadlines and meet publishing standards. With these services on board, a literary agent can rely on us to write an outstanding book in a reasonable time frame and this will mean a more exciting project to work with and more money at the end of it. Below are 6 reasons why literary agents love working with us.

1. We Can Save Them Time

Literary agents often have celebrity or high profile clients who have exciting or captivating stories but who lack the necessary writing skills and time to put these down on paper. In this case, a literary agent will welcome someone to ghost write their client’s book for them because he or she relies on commission. The quicker and more professionally they get the manuscript written, the better it is for them and, also, for everyone involved. Chasing publishers and promoting the book is hard enough, so calling in a ghostwriter can often take a lot of weight off an agent’s shoulders. We are experienced, professional writers who can take on a project from scratch with nothing but the clients’ memory or imagination to work with. We know how to stimulate a client’s ideas, making sure we can reap all the relevant (and interesting) information that will provide the material for a winning book.

2. They Can Trust Us to Produce Quality Manuscripts

Literary agents are always passionate about the work they promote and they can have every confidence in a manuscript if it is well-written, compelling, and already geared towards a publisher’s needs. With our professional writing qualifications and industry experience, we can fulfil all of these requirements within a given deadline, saving the literary agent a great deal of time.

3. We Can Make Them More Money

Of course, it’s not all about the money but for a literary agent who has to live off commission, it helps to make as much profit from a project as possible. Again, getting a professional writer on board is going to boost the chances of a book being published and making profit. If a book is well-written, captivating and audience-aware then it will get better reviews, better media coverage, a lot more interest, and better profits

4. We Are Used to Working With Celebrities

Many literary agents have celebrity clients who have specific needs and aims. A literary agent can rest assured that we are used to working on celebrity projects and can fulfil their clients’ needs to a professional standard. Qualified and experienced, we are aware that celebrities have a personal brand which must be maintained. Not only are we able to uphold this brand in our writing, we can also help boost a celebrity’s image by creating a well written, intelligent book that their fans and the public will appreciate.

5. We Have Our Own Ghostwriting Contracts…

Literary agents don’t need to worry about organising complex ghostwriting contracts involving themselves or indeed, publishers. We already have our own contracts with clients here and there are no complications because we can work directly with the agents or with the publishers if that is preferred.

6. We Keep Things Really Simple

We like to keep things simple here in order to save clients and their agents a lot of unnecessary confusion and hard work. When a client approaches us we make a contract with them. If they then go on to work with a literary agent we can remain very much separate if this is preferred by the agent and client. We won’t need to arrange any separate ghostwriting contracts between ourselves and the agent, which is often easier for them. If the client already has a literary agent, we are very happy to work with them as they can often negotiate a very good deal for everyone involved.

Print Your Ideas and Make Book Profits

The book profits that can be made from releasing novel and autobiographies can be enormous. That is why thousands of celebrities and businesses alike hire skilled ghostwriters who can put their ideas on paper, saving themselves a great deal of time and creating a great deal of money. Whether divulging fascinating life stories, providing factual information in a specialist text, or simply pursuing an inspired literary project, books are a great way to get media coverage or sell ideas and expertise, as well as reaping book profits for a long time to come.

Book Profits for Celebrities

Career Boosting with Books

Writing a book can generate a real career boost for a celebrity and that is why so many embark on this as a project. Living life under the lens is undoubtedly hard work, and can sometimes leave celebrities feeling like they can’t escape the smoldering spotlight or, more importantly, direct where that spotlight lands. Many celebrities feel that, by publishing an autobiography, they can take control of their media coverage by selling a personal brand they have designed and shaped themselves. They may want to set a record straight, protect or promote their reputation or simply document the compelling life they have led.

Financial Profit

The new celebrity blogging craze, along with red-hot social networking sites such as twitter, demonstrates that now, more than ever, public demand for insider information is sky high. Publishing a book is a chance to fulfill this demand whilst generating long-term book profits and media coverage.

When a book is published, celebrities may receive an advance of anything between £20,000 to £100,000, as well as embarking on a nationwide promotional campaign that can double up as a chance to not only sell books, but to increase the social appeal of, and media attention surrounding, an individual.

The book will remain a fundamental and readily accessible part of an individual’s back catalogue and continue to sell to fans for years to come, generating anything between £50,000 to well over millions for the celebrity in book profits. Many public figures will publish books as they embark on a significant turning point in their career, and this is often a chance for them to publicise this turning point in a way they desire.

Book Profits for Businesses

Promoting a Business Idea or Ethos

Business is all about profit and there is no reason why this shouldn’t include book profits. The means to promoting a business lie well beyond simple billboard or television advertising; selling a business brand, idea or ethos is all part of building profit for the company and can demand advances between £2,000 and £20,000. Companies can always find a way of marketing their products or brand in the literary market. Whether it is restaurants selling recipe books or psychologists publishing self-help books, putting ideas into print places businesses inside a consumer’s home. For the customer, this provides easy-to-access information that comes directly from a particular company. For you, this means more customers and great book profits.

Buying into a Brand

Buying a company’s book, you will often hear experts argue, is buying into that company’s brand and having that brand readily available in any book store for years to come can generate between £10,000 and £30,000 book profits over time. Essentially, this is securing a long-term advertisement rather than a quick flash in a free newspaper that is merely glanced at on a busy tube train.

How will hiring a ghost writer make my book more profitable?

You might be a celebrity, the CEO of a company, or someone with an incredible story to tell, but you’d be a superhero if writing was just another talent you could cite, or even have time to pursue, in your very long list of achievements. That is why ghost writers can really help make your book more profitable.

All our ghostwriters have publishing experience with major UK publishers, which means they can create high quality manuscripts that are more publishable, readable and saleable. We are aware of what generates big book profits and, with years of experience in writing and editing manuscripts, our writers can offer their expert opinion on the profitability of your story or idea before they agree to write it. They will let you know if it is likely to be picked up by publishers and readers alike, saving you a great deal of time and money.

Ghostwriting Fees and How to Pay Them

Ghostwriting fees are straightforward and easy to pay. They vary depending on topic, genre and length of a book and these relevant categories are laid out for you below. The prices will include interviews and travel costs also, so you don’t need to worry about any extra costs along the way.
Here are two basic things you need to know about ghostwriting fees and how to pay them.

1. Different Genre, Different Fee

A lot of the manuscripts we produce are non-fiction and on average these can cost between £4,000 and £7,000 for an average length (35,000 – 60,000 words). For a fiction book of around 80,000 words we charge a minimum of £10,000. We can also ghost write children’s books from £1000. On top of all this, we provide additional services that will provide the finishing touches for your book. We can help you coin the perfect title, charging a fee of £150. For £2,000 we can also write you a ‘publisher’s package’ comprising of a synopsis and sample chapters which we can then submit to at least three literary agents or publishers.

2. Payment is Simple

We accept payment by bank transfer. We can also take payment by Paypal, but levy a 5% charge to cover Paypal fees.

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