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Many businesses and high-profile individuals now rely on blogs to boost their online profile.

Well-written, key-word-rich blog posts generate search traffic, which in turn creates sales. Thousands of savvy businesses now hire professional bloggers to create the posts that are so crucial to business success.

We can create a great blog that taps into a popular topic and draws a whole new group of customers to your site. Talk to us about designing a blog concept that gets rapid results and drives search engine traffic.

We write blogs for:

Why use a blog writing service?

A good blog post features key words and tags that people regularly search for, but is also interesting, informative and likeable. Our blog ghost writers are experts at creating likeable, informative blogs, and know how to research keywords to ensure high search traffic.

Many businesses and individuals experience phenomenal success by maintaining a good blog, but blogging is extremely time consuming and not everyone can write well.

Invest in a blog writing service, and relax in the knowledge that your blog is well written, up-to-date and – most importantly – getting results and return on investment.

Tell us about your blog, and we’ll let you know the ghostwriting strategies we believe will work best for you.

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Blogger Gold Award

One of our bloggers just won the Foodie Travel Gold Award for her Food Travel Blog. The site generates over 100,000 hits a month.

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    If you'd like a book or article professionally written, you need a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters work in confidence, and will never discuss your project without permission.

    Editor / Proofreader

    If you've already written a book and need someone to tidy it up or do error checking, you need an editor/proofreader

    Cover/book designer

    If your book requires a professional cover, or internal pages readied for print, you need this service.

    Book consultant

    Want advice about creating a saleable book? Or written a book you'd like to improve? Then you need a book consultant.


    Premium - Bestselling ghost writer

    Recommended for celebrity autobiographies and potential bestsellers

    Standard - 10 years + publishing experience

    Professional ghostwriters who have created many published works

    Budget- Published author

    A ghostwriter with at least one published work

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