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If you need a songwriter, you’ve found the right place. We don’t only write books, you know! Our dedicated music writers create jingles, music for business videos and more. We work within the music industry too, acting as consultants and ensuring music and lyrics have maximum impact.

Our songwriters work for record labels and advertising agencies, and are some of the best in the business.

Our songwriters have worked with:

All our songwriters are musicians and have worked with major record labels. You can meet your songwriter and work remotely, or hire a professional to work in the studio with you.

Unsigned Musicians

We can create new music or advise musicians on how they can strengthen existing songs to stand a greater chance of record-label interest. We’re often contacted by musicians who write great music, and simply need a little steering to reach the top. We can help create engaging music and also advise about musical arrangements and lyrics.

Advertising Agencies

Our songwriters arrange music and create lyrics for TV and online adverts, You Tube videos and video conferences. We create jingles with compelling lyrics that drive sales and create positive emotions.

Our full range of song writing services include:

Our songWriters Work for:

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    If you'd like a book or article professionally written, you need a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters work in confidence, and will never discuss your project without permission.

    Editor / Proofreader

    If you've already written a book and need someone to tidy it up or do error checking, you need an editor/proofreader

    Cover/book designer

    If your book requires a professional cover, or internal pages readied for print, you need this service.

    Book consultant

    Want advice about creating a saleable book? Or written a book you'd like to improve? Then you need a book consultant.


    Premium - Bestselling ghost writer

    Recommended for celebrity autobiographies and potential bestsellers

    Standard - 10 years + publishing experience

    Professional ghostwriters who have created many published works

    Budget- Published author

    A ghostwriter with at least one published work

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